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Anime High School Teacher Sim GAME
Welcome to the Sakura school simulator, let’s play the high school teacher life simulator and enjoy the anime high school teacher game for free.

Sakura school simulator is one of the anime high school teacher simulators available on play store; it is a Japanese school teacher simulator named Sakura. The virtual high school teacher 3d is about Sakura and her cousin Yondra, they took admission in the high school simulator of their city, the anime school game is full of excitement and mischief. These school games will take you back into your school days memories, the naughty cousins are always looking to make fun trouble in teacher simulator.

The high school teacher game has got different exciting levels; each level of sakura school simulator is designed using the high quality 3d background and beautiful natural environment. The high school days teacher game starts with the first day of the school girls could not wake up on time and got late for breakfast, the warden gives them warning and tells them that they will get punishment if they get late next time. They rushed towards the school so that they could reach the virtual high school teacher 3d on time and attend the lecture, in sakura school teacher simulator game when they entered the school gate a group of girls made fun of them as they were new to the school. In their lunch break time they found those girls and beat them very badly, this school teacher simulator game with many levels fight made them famous in the school and now they were given names of double trouble cousins. During their schooling year they enjoyed teaching games high school very much and spent a memorable time with their sakura school simulator teacher.

You are definitely going to love this simulator games school and the experience of playing the outstanding school days teacher simulator games. You have to complete different thrilling game levels of high school simulator, in order to unlock new levels of high school teacher life simulator and to achieve your goals it is important that you stay attentive during the game play, so that you can complete this adventure series and secure the first position in the teacher games high school.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s download the thrilling sakura school simulator games and start your journey of unlocking the interesting levels of the anime high school teacher simulator, you will get to know how satisfying it is to anime high school girl life in this cheating games, you will get a chance to meet different player from all over the world and can become friends with them by playing the Sakura school simulator. Don’t forget to record videos of surviving high school simulator game and share it with your friends so that they can get into the competition and have great fun with you by playing this anime school simulator, if you like this bash the teacher please share it on social media and spread the escape school so that we can make this world a better place for fun and learning.

Features of Sakura school simulator

HD graphics suitable to run on low end devices
Be an angry teacher for naughty anime students
Addictive school life teaching & fun activities
Take student assignments and announce the surprise quiz
Appropriate to play for all age groups


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