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Background Camera is a high quality backstage shoot app that allows you to take photos and record videos without preview it. Whether you are playing games, watching live broadcast, listening to music, chatting, using other applications, or even you don't use you phone which means the phone screen is locked. You can take high-quality photos, videos and audios at any time anywhere.

Have you been installed and used the secret camera APP, the background video recorder or camcorder APP, the silent camera APP, hidden camera APP? Now only Background Camera APP is enough.

Features :
★ Hide your photos and video files from others.
★ PIN lock support & Hide app features, protect the folder contents with a password lock.
★ Add a shortcut on your phone desktop, you can quickly start video recording by One Click.
★ Support time setting or custom watermark text function. Add watermarks when recording, such as time text or other customized text.
★.Use better hiding APP's desktop ICONS.
★ You can overlay a global black view on any other application (such as live app or video chat) to simulate the phone screen is off.
★ It supports shooting in the notification bar by clicking the notification component to take photos and record videos in the locked screen state.
★ Desktop widgets are supported, and you can customize the widget button style.
★ In the Black Screen mode, start/stop recording videos, taking photos and recording audios through the "Volume" key or Bluetooth controller, as if the  phone is off.
★ Support front and rear cameras.
★ Auto split video files.
★ Save to the removable SD card.
★ Support saving files to the album which is set according to your needs.
★ Unlimited video duration.

Due to the mobile system limitation , the phone will enter power-saving mode and turn off the high power consumption hardware such as the camera ,when the screen is off for a long time, causing abnormal video recording. So, when you don't use your phone for a long time,and it is recording videos, we recommend you use Black Screen Mode instead of pressing the power key in case of the phone entering power-saving mode.

Most functions are free. Subscription version includes:
1. no Ads.
2. Super black screen function, a black view that can covered on any other app to simulate the screen is in off state.
3. One tap quick shooting, quickly start camera capture.
4. Shooting in the background, taking photos and recording videos while you are using other apps like playing games or watching Youtube.
5. Use gesture password to protect your files.
6. Hide the media files. They can only be viewed in our app and cannot be detected by any other app.
7. Icon replacement: replace our app icon with other apps icon on the desktop.
8. Add time watermark or other custom watermark on photos and videos.


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