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Deskripsi Gardify

Gardify is a useful tool for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.
The scientifically tested plant knowledge and the care steps for already around 4800 garden plants are freely accessible.
Simply add your own garden or balcony plants from the Gardify plant search list to your virtual garden or to lists (e.g. potted plants, vegetables, front yard) that you can create yourself.

• Let your to-do calendar automatically show you when, what and how something should be done (up to 20 plant species free).
• Identify plants that you do not know by name simply by photo
• Receive automatic frost and storm alerts for your plants or garden equipment
• Add notes, reminders and your own to-dos
• Search for new plants using 300 (!) selectable filters
• Access 2600 scientifically verified plant portraits and descriptions with all relevant information
• Regularly watch new short videos on do-it-yourself from birdseed to shrub pruning

This makes gardening easy, clear and safe - without tedious searches in books or the web. Gardify even protects you from unnecessary work - such as excessive fertilizing and unnecessary care measures. The app is under the scientific direction of Dr. Markus Philippen, qualified biologist and TV gardening expert, and his team of scientists and gardening experts.


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