GoHenry Youth Debit Card & App

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Deskripsi GoHenry Youth Debit Card & App

GoHenry gives your family all the tools you need to nurture money confidence.

Designed for young people from 6-18, GoHenry offers a debit card with smart parental controls, plus a companion app with real-time notifications every time the card is used.

They learn independence. You get peace of mind.
With the GoHenry debit card and app, young people learn how to budget, earn money through chores and allowance, set savings goals, spend wisely, make donations to charity, and get real-world experience with money.

Build real-world financial habits with Money Missions

GoHenry’s in-app money lessons help young people learn about saving, investing, and more through interactive quizzes and videos in the GoHenry app. Conquering a new skill means earning points and badges, so they’ll stay motivated and feel accomplished.

Designed for their safety

The customizable GoHenry debit card is connected to an app offering plenty of parental controls. It’s an easy way for parents to teach young people financial responsibility and give them the independence to learn—without the danger of accruing debt.

Real-time spending notifications, secure PIN recovery and easy to use parental controls, including the ability to block and unblock cards give parents peace of mind.

Safe spending for kids with chip and PIN protected purchases, bank-level encryption and automatic blocks on unsafe spending categories.

GoHenry includes Zero Liability Protection by MasterCard and FDIC-insured accounts up to $250,000.

1.5 million members (and counting!)

After using GoHenry, 92% of parents say their family is more confident about money. What can GoHenry do for yours?


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