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Tired of SSH?
Looking for a new, fast, battery-saving websocket VPN?
Can't stand configuring programs with a lot of parameters anymore?
Want to get rid of having to configure servers yourself and spend hours watching tutorials on how to connect a simple VPN?

So how about the speed of a Socks5, but with payload, TLS, DNSTT, SNI?!

It's not shadowsocks!
It's not v2ray!
It's not SSH!

It's the DockSocks!
A native WebSocket based Socks5, supporting payload, SNI, TLS, DNSTT and using concurrent connections!

Connect via WiFi and switch to mobile network, DocNET is interoperable!

Everything you need from a fast internet, you have with DocNET WebSocket VPN, with this app you can browse the internet with an enhanced security option, bypassing various firewalls through our "DockSocks" protocol.
DockSocks was inspired by v2ray, but it contains crucial differences, it is simpler but robust, it works with parallel websocket, so you have it for each outgoing or incoming connection; a websocket that will open.
This greatly speeds up your connection in addition to preventing the connection from being idle, preventing the network from disconnecting you for spending idle time.

DockSocks features on WebSocket VPN include:
- Speed up your internet
- Avoid traffic shaping
- Totally free VPN
- No limit counter
- No traffic limit
- No blocks
- Inject HTTP payload
- Does not idle
- Consumes less battery
- Does not disconnect
- Super fast and reliable (multiconnection)
- Possibility of high-level encryption
- Alternative routes from CloudFlare
- Efficient DNS redirection
- Several servers
- Native Websocket
- UDP connections enabled
- FastTrack
- AntiShipping
- DNS Tunnel with DNSTT (Port 53 UDP)
- TLS Tunnel with SNI + HTTP Payload (Port 443 TCP)
- Standard HTTP Tunnel with Payload (Port 80 TCP)

You can also add your own SSH server and download our proxy on github to use SSH over TLS on your server over websocket.

Download and use this new form of reliable, fast and evolving connection for free, and leave privacy and server concerns aside, use high speed limit on your carrier, at your school or anywhere you want to be free in Internet!

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