My Cat Tiles: Matching Puzzle

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Deskripsi My Cat Tiles: Matching Puzzle

My Cat Tiles: Matching Puzzle GAME
Get calm in a super relaxing match-3 puzzle-solving experience!
Unwind yourself by dressing up and interacting with cute kittens!
Decorate rooms to create a chill-out space for relaxation!
An endless array of new cats to meet and new rooms to explore!

This game features relaxing match-3 puzzle-solving, combined with the fun of playing with cats and room decorating.
◆ Clear stages: Thousands of match-3 stages that are consisted of tiles with fun patterns and grow more challenging as you progress in the game.
◆ Get inner peace: Relax and find inner peace in unique puzzle-solving experiences.
◆ Interact with cats: Feed, bathe, and dress up kittens. Fun immersive play.
◆ Decorate rooms: Create a private space for relaxing with your cats, by beating more stages.
◆ 47+ breeds of cat: A never-before-seen cat will come up to your house when a new breed is unlocked. Be sure to take good care of them.
◆ Play anytime: The game supports offline play. You can have fun with your cats even if you have no internet connection.


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