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Deskripsi パニシング:グレイレイヴン

Super exhilarating 3D action RPG for mobiles: Panicing: Gray Raven. As a "leader", the player will command the humanoid "structural structure" of humanity’s last hope, facing the machines eroded by "panic". Control glorious skills at your fingertips and embark on the journey to face the end of humanity!

Now you can log in and choose one of 5 Max Rarity [S-class Strikes] for free!

◆The World View
The story takes a not-so-far future.
When the insatiable quest into humanity's science and technology touched a prohibited city, a plague named'Punishing' appeared as a symbol of'punishment'. Panicing not only destroys human's fragile flesh, it also invades the logical logic of machines to turn it into a killing weapon which is controlled by an intense destruction urges on humans.
After a centuries of resistance, the once prosperous human civilization remains with only a few traces, and instead of humanity evacuating into outer space, the Corrupted body-a machine eroded by panics, is in ruins. On the wandering planet.
Mankind has lasting hope to resist panicking in the “structur” that holds the human “heart” in the body of the artifact, and the hero (player) has been Immerse yourself in a plunder battle....

◆Super Exciting and New 3D Action
Superb exhilarating battles with stunning 3D graphics!
The fun of real action battles mixed with puzzle elements. The game has an original battle system where you use your skills by eliminating signals during battle.
Various skill effects will be activated in the "High Speed Space", so you need to link skills with normal attacks and decide combos! Indulge yourself in a brand new super exhilarating battle of strategy and action!

◆Endless Visuals
Overall it has a low color combination and a post-apocalyptic dark world. The shining fire of the structure will shine the light of hope in the hopeless world.

◆Unique Characters
Get along with "struction" in between battles!
Freely customize the interior of "tavern" where the structures live and increase your interaction.
Gifts that match the structure's personality will increase the bond level and unlock special words and hidden episodes. Relive the story as well as your allies as well as from the enemy perspective, for a deeper story.

◆Various Voice actors (five orders)
Yuyo Stone river, Ai Chino, Ayako Kawamura, Mika Tako, Haru Tookan, Jun Fukumounta, Masamasa Hosaya, Joke Toshika and many more.
Voices of super popular casts are linked to your consciousness!

"This is a story that begins with a counter attack."
Children who try to return to their mother Earth


■ Punishment: Gray Raven is free to play, though some in-app items will require payment.

■ Official Website of our "Panigle":

■Supported Devices
Android: 8.1.0+ device
Memory (RAM): 3GB or more, ROM: 4GB or more
Snapdragon 666, Kirin 960, Exynos 9810, Helio G70 or higher

■ Our question is technical support
Please send us an email.

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